Saturday, March 21, 2009

Three NanaWalls are now up

On Friday March 21st the third of the four NanaWall Systems were installed.

Make sure you check out the pictures at as there are over one thousand pictures from the first day to the present showing the building of the "Technology House" on the lake at Clear Lake, California.

Trusses for garage 3 Bedroom apartment arrive

Trusses for the garage three bedroom apartment arrived on Friday and most were installed.

Roof should be going on the week of March 24th.

Technology House to star on ABC's KGO on Sunday March 23rd at 11pm

Spent 4 hours with film crew who was on site to video the new "Technology Lake House" for ABC's KGO televison news show at 11pm on this Sunday March 22, 2009.

If you live in Northern California and want to see this house and the unbelievable views from the house make sure you tune in.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

NanaWalls Should Go Up This Week

Crew was hard at work the last several days preparing the four rooms upstairs for the installation of the NanaWalls this coming week.

The sheet metal company came up from Santa Rosa and worked on Friday to finish the metal work that is needed for the NanaWalls.

Garage and Apartment Walls are Up

In just less than two weeks the garage and three bedroom apartment walls are all up.

If weather permits we could be putting the roof up as early as Friday.

If you want to see the latest pictures goto

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Live Video Feed Information

You must be using Internet Explorer only as Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome will not work.

When first going to a "Username and Password box will pop up. For "username" type in "user" and leave the password blank.

If this is your first time it will ask you if it is okay to "install activex" and after you answer "yes" the live video portion on your screen will load.

Use the "Go to" to check out the different viewing areas of the project.

Please limit your viewing to two to three minutes and make sure when you are through you "X" out of the site as the site can only accept ten viewers at one time.

The screen showing the video at times might go black and in a few minutes come back up. We hope to solve this problem by going to cable but that will be later on in this project.

If you encounter any problems please email me at

Thank you,


Completed Installation of Radius Beams In All Rooms Upstairs.

As of March 1, 2009 we completed the installation of all the radius beams for the upstairs floor so the next step is to install the NanaWalls which should be done in the next several weeks.