Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Live Video Feed Information

You must be using Internet Explorer only as Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome will not work.

When first going to 9910.dyndns.org a "Username and Password box will pop up. For "username" type in "user" and leave the password blank.

If this is your first time it will ask you if it is okay to "install activex" and after you answer "yes" the live video portion on your screen will load.

Use the "Go to" to check out the different viewing areas of the project.

Please limit your viewing to two to three minutes and make sure when you are through you "X" out of the site as the site can only accept ten viewers at one time.

The screen showing the video at times might go black and in a few minutes come back up. We hope to solve this problem by going to cable but that will be later on in this project.

If you encounter any problems please email me at ronald@usa.net

Thank you,


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