Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010 Update

It has been two years since this project started and as we are getting to the finish line over 1800 s.f. of deck tile is being installed, stone work is being finished on the inside fireplace and outside of the living room, entry way and the chimney. The office upper cabinets have all been installed.

Yet to be installed in the main house is three rooms and the staircase with carpet, hardwood flooring in the upstairs rooms, lower office cabinets, television mounts,

The six miles of audio/video cable is being terminated and that is a long process. You can see pictures of some of the terminations at plus thousands of other construction pictures.

Today we start on the construction of the railings on the inside staircase and that should be completed by June 25. Also the parts for the outside apartment staircase should be ordered today.

The three bedroom apartment has only a few items to be installed such as the Schlage Link Lever Locks, door stops, fans, television mounts and a few minor items.

The septic system gets its final inspection today and the water system has been completed featuring a General Electric Home Spring System.

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