Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Technology Lake House Update

On our last update I stated that 1800 square feet of deck tile was being installed and our tile installer gave an estimate of two weeks and he is is only seven weeks short on his estimate. About 500 feet of tile remains to be install on the lower floor.

Carpet for the Guest Suite, hall bedroom and stairs has been picked out and should be installed in the next 30 days.

1,500 square feet of wood flooring is proceeding much better than the tile. Three days into the job and about 500 s.f. remain. This should be finished by tomorrow.

All the cabinet hardware has been installed and the pictures are available at www.ronphotos.notlong.com

All but one of the Schlage lever handles have been installed. We are also using 13 of the Schlage "Link" combination locks that can be controlled from any computer or cell phone Worldwide.

Stay tuned.


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  2. Ron - Thanks for listing Lamps Plus as one of your project partners. The link does not work, however; is there a way to fix? Would love to see a post about your new home's lighting, both inside and out, once it has been installed. Thanks again for the link and we can't wait to see the finished home! (Go Giants!)

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